Quarantined in Cebu

August 29, 2021
Snake Massage in Cebu City Zoo

We are a family traveling back to the Philippines after a vacation overseas. Our flight to the Philippines was originally scheduled on August 15, 2021, to Manila. Due to the imposition of ECQ for Metro Manila, the harshest community lockdown category, our flight was rescheduled to fly to Cebu on August 22, 2021.

On the 7th day, we are supposed to get swabbed for PCR testing. The day did not start so well. We are a family of three, but only one serving of breakfast was delivered. 

Across the hall way of our unit, two guys from other rooms were either standing or sitting outside, talking to each other without wearing a mask. They must be going crazy being locked up in their room on their own.

After waiting for a while, we got our swap tests done. We then started packing, and got ready for flying back to Manila in a couple of days, when the test results were available.

Nobody informed us of the test result on the tenth day, but we already have the plane tickets going back to Manila. So we asked the hotel receptionist, and were told that we were cleared for leaving the hotel. We were elated.

We went to the airport with a hired car, and boarded the plane without incident. There was no issue also when we landed in Metro Manila. Phew!

So our Cebu quarantine experience was not too bad. We were not even billed for the COVID tests taken when we landed and when we left Cebu. It helped a lot that we were a family and we could keep each other company during the quarantine. If we were travelling alone, the experience would have been harder to bear.