La Union


The province of La Union is peaceful and prosperous. It also has plenty to celebrate and be grateful of. Contemporary La union residents owe much to their rich heritage of the past 150 plus years, including the pre-La Union years prior to its historic making in 1850. Today, La Union is considered "the gateway" to two regions, Ilocos and Cordillera, and serves as a "regional center" of the archipelago's first region. La Union's pivotal role and crucial influence in the region as well as in the national affairs did not come easily. La Union had undergone through many socio-political and economic-cultural experiences such as the colonization of the tree imperial powers, that of Spain (1521 - 1898), United States (1898-1946), and Japan (1941-1945), the two world wars, the 1986 EDSA revolt, and the recent millennium anniversary. Indeed, although it naturally suffers from its small size, location, meager resources, it is also endowed with vast natural and potent human resources in terms of its educated citizenry.


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