(Frequently Asked Questions)

Why should I buy through CoShopNow.com?

CoShopNow.com offers a convenient way for group buying, which should result in cost saving, either in terms of the lower prices of the items, or in the cost of delivery if the group of shoppers are from the same condominium or neighborhood, or both. It is also a way for friends to introduce unique finds to each other.

It has a simple ordering interface that at the same time allows the seller to put in more product information.

Unlike a messaging platform, you can see a summary of the items that you ordered and cost breakdown in a single webpage.

CoShopNow.com also allows organizers to give special discounts if total order volume reaches a pre-determined level, thus giving more savings to all coshoppers.

Is there any guarantee that a coshop organizer will deliver after I make a prepayment?

CoShopNow is a coshopping platform that facilitates group shopping between a CoShop Organizer and a group of CoShoppers. It is best suited for situations where neighbors shop together, or friends organize shopping amongst themselves. CoShopNow.com does not collect payment from CoShoppers for their orders and therefore is not in a position to refund CoShoppers in case of dispute. We advise coshoppers to make prepayment only to coshop organizers that they have prior knowledge of.