Impact Tourism

Bacolod the Ecotourism Center in central Philippines

Bacolod, Negro Occidental, has a lot of places for supporters of ecotourism. These places are often developed as a result of partnership between foreigners (there are regular visits by Japanese ecotourism enthusiasts to the mangrove forests), and locals (both within and outside Bacolod). 

For Marine Biodiversity, there is Carbin Reef Marine Reserve.

Then there is Tomongtong Mangrove Eco Trail to support the local community in growing the mangrove forest instead of over-exploiting it.

Many organic farms can be found not far from Bacolod city center. Rapha Valley, Don Salvador Benedicto, is one example.

More help is needed to promote and maintain impact tourism in Bacolod, as the pressure to make a living from over exploiting natural resources is always strong due to the lack of alternatives.

Visit the ecotourism destinations directly, or, if you would like to join a eco-tour in Bacolod, contact The Society for Sustainable Tourism & Development, Inc. (SST) SST is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization providing learning and capacity building  for public and private stakeholders to attain excellence in sustainable tourism and development, environmental conservation and stewardship, and sustainable consumption and production in the hospitality industry.