Frequently Asked Questions

Advertise on DiscoverPhilippines.com in general

DiscoverPhilippines.com is a popular site for people visiting the Philippines. Advertising here will give your company and product good exposure to this audience.

Our advertising rate is very low compared to any travel sites.

We have an automated advertising system so that you can upload your own ad any time you like, be it night or day.

Currently, we offer three products that you can choose from once you have registered as a member of the site.

These products allow you to advertise on Home Page, in Search Results and as Guided Tours. More information on these products is provided in the respective sections of this FAQ page.

We have set up an automated advertising system for advertisers of these three products. All you need to do is:

Step 1. Check the products and their advertising rates. After you log on to the site, at the top of the page, you will see the link 'My Account". Click on it and you will see 'My Profile' in the dropdown menu.  You will see the advertising rate for different products when you click on "My Advertisements" button and browse the products listed.

Step 2. Load your account. On the "My Profile" page, you will see "Account balance" and instructions to load it. Load it with an amount sufficient to cover the cost of the advertisement that you intend to place.

Step 3. Choose your product. Once your account is loaded, and payment verified, you can go back to "My Advertisements" page, and place order for the advertisement. You can upload the advertisement immediately as long as you have sufficient balance.

Advertise on Home Page

An advertisement on Home Page looks like a post on Home Page. You can include an image, plus a short paragraph in your advertisement. It will be labeled "sponsored" on one corner of the image, and tagged "Advertisement".

The image of the advertisement will be clickable and it can be linked to a url of your choice.

It will be displayed randomly on the Home Page.

We have prepared a short video to show you how. Your ad will appear like other posts on the Home Page.

To make your ad really stand out, you can also run a campaign so that your image or video pops out whenever a user visits the site. Email us at admin@discoverphilippines.com for further information about this option.

Advertise on Search Results

It will look like a regular post with an image and a short description.

The image of the advertisement will be clickable and it can be linked to a url of your choice.

It will be displayed whenever a user uses the search function and search result is displayed. In other words, it is not related to the subject being searched.

Advertise My Guided Tours

If you operate a local tour in any place in the Philippines, you should use our "My Guided Tours" platform to promote your tour.

It will contain pertinent information about the tour, such as the following sections, in a webpage:

- Name of the tour. The title of the tour that tells people where the location of the tour is.

- Why join this tour. Points to encourage people to join the tour.

- Activity duration. The length of the tour.

- Itinerary of the tour. Where will it go, place for staying.

- Price per person,

and so on.

You will see the full content, explanation and layout of a guided tour when you fill in the order form for a guided tour.

We have made a video to show you how: 

Manage Account

We do not set minimum or maximum load amount, but we would suggest that the amount should be in line with your budgeted expenditure on this site in the near future. In other words, we do not think you should deposit too much more than you intend to use within, say, a 30 days period. Your surplus deposit will not expire, but it will not earn you interest either.

Yes, you can withdraw from your account balance. Just send an email to info@discoverphilippines.com to request refund, and give us your Philippine bank account information. We will deposit it within 5 working days.

Loading your account in this website allows you to advertise on the website. You can load your account by either making a bank deposit or with PayPal.

1. By Bank Deposit

You can deposit to our BDO savings account

Account Name: Iopenhub Incorporated

Account Number : 005680127807

After making a deposit, please upload a copy of the deposit slip by clicking the button "Upload Deposit Slip" in "My Profile" page so that we can credit it to your account.

2. By Paypal

You can load your account by making a transfer to our Paypal account.

Our PayPal account name is sunfender@gmail.com

To make sure that your account is credited, please also email us at info@discoverphilippines.com with your username and amount transferred.

3. By credit card

If you would like to load your account by credit card, you are advised to do that by registering with PayPal. This is a secure and easy way to load your account with your credit card. We will not have to have access to your credit card information.

Note: Please wait 24-48 hours for us to validate your payment. A confirmation message will be sent to your email address. Thank you!