The beauty of Siargao lies not only in its scenic tourist destinations, but most especially for its surf spots. The good thing about it is that it has a surf break for all levels, whether you’re a beginner or already a professional surfer. Read More
Samal Island, which is just 2 hours away from Davao City, boasts its white sand beach destinations, gorgeous waters and rich underwater marine life. Tourists can also visit waterfalls, go spelunking and see unique rock formations and flourishing flora and fauna. Read More
This mysterious river in Surigao del Sur acquired its name because no one knows where the water comes from and how deep it is, and the folklore that comes with it. But nobody seems to mind because of how alluring and grandiose it is. Tourists claim that when you are there, it feels like you are swimming in a photograph that has been photoshopped. Read More
Behind this tranquil lake in South Cotabato are many different thrilling activities for the adventurous spirit: chasing seven waterfalls, riding the longest zipline in Asia that traverses 3 out of the 7 waterfalls, and the newest attraction which is paragliding. Read More
Known as the second largest mosque in Southeast Asia, The Grand Mosque was built as a homage to Cotabato City’s Islamic roots. This majestic structure has gold-plated domes and minarets that are more than 40 meters high. It accommodates up to 800 male and 400 female worshippers. Read More
Coming from the Cebuano word “so-oton,” meaning “to pass through a small opening,” tourists would need to go through a single passage with a very low ceiling, which is only accessible during low tide. This does not compare to the truly picturesque and magical appeal of Sohoton Cave due to its huge lagoon and various islets that resemble a whimsical land of mermaids and sea nymphs. Read More
More for the adrenaline-thirsty enthusiasts, Mt. Kitanglad - Mt. Dulang-Dulang Traverse is regarded as one of the 5 most challenging climbs in the Philippines. Located in the northern central part of Bukidnon, it is one of the few rainforests that preserves and serves as a home to wildlife and endangered species. Read More
Atop the crater of Mt. Parker or Mt. Melibingoy, Lake Holon in South Cotabato is among the top camping spots in the region due to its lush greeneries and its vast and pure lake. It would take a 3-4 hour hike going to the site, but campers have sworn to the majesty of the place. Tourists can also go boating around the lake and enjoy the golden hour at sunrise. Read More
Renowned as the Grandfather of Philippine Mountains, Mt. Apo in the heart of Davao offers not just a scenic view but so much more. Trekking through the rainforest, one would experience flourishing flora and fauna, thick foliage of trees, and if lucky tourists may be able to see a Philippine monkey-eating eagle flying above the rainforest. Read More
Tourists have been searching for the next Boracay Island, and Dahican Beach in Davao Oriental may be a candidate due to its powdery white sands, blue waters and powerful waves that are perfect for surfing. Aside from this, there are also thrilling activities such as ultralight plane flying and island hopping. Read More

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