For those with a limited budget, you can still enjoy and see a number of historical landmarks by availing the Ikot Manila project by Department of Tourism. This project, a walking tour of Manila using LRT Line 1, was launched last August 2018. Tourist and even locals can visit these places by riding LRT: Quiapo Church, Manila Cathedral, National Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help and many more. Read More
Segway has entered the mainstream in different parts of the world as a personal mobility device. Segway Tours are already available here in our country. They can be enjoyed at Palawan and The Enchanted Kingdom at Sta. Rosa. Tourists and locals in Manila can also experience it in Club Intramuros Golf Course, Intramuros and other famous tourist spots within the area. Read More
You can also enjoy Bambike in Intramuros. These bicycles are crafted by our creative locals out of bamboo combined with abaca. With the price of 570 pesos, you could hop on these special bicycles and enjoy visiting more than five historical places including Casa Manila, Rizal Shrine and also Fort Santiago. Read More
This activity is kind of extreme and exciting. After a 3-4 hours travel from Manila to Tarlac, tourists can enjoy riding ATVs around the place. If you want to visit the famous Mt. Pinatubo lake crater in an unusual way, you must try the ATVs. Read More
Kalesa has been part of our colorful history for the longest time. In the old days, Filipino used it as a means of transportation. Years had passed and this old means of transportation has been replaced by motorized vehicles. Yet, If you want to experience this ride, Vigan City offers an hour of Kalesa ride for only 300 pesos. You can wander within those ancestral and beautiful houses within the area. Read More
Jeepney is the country’s leading public transportation vehicles. This kind of transportation will surely test your patience. Even when it appears to be full, “dispatcher” will forcibly fit everyone inside and sometimes the jeep also has atop passengers (which seen usually at Mountain Province and other provinces). How to take a ride? Look for the route written on the side of a jeepney. If it includes your destination, hop in. Pass a P20 bill to someone near the driver when you are near your destination and wait for the change. Read More
Experience this unique balsa (bamboo raft) ride at Minalungao National Park at Nueva Ecija. Each balsa can accommodate a maximum of 12 people for only 500 pesos. This activity is suitable for the whole family and barkadas who seek thrill and fun. While riding the bamboo raft, you can enjoy the amazing beauty of Minalungao Park and its emerald green waters. Read More
There are many tourist spots in the Philippines which are too secluded and far from the city. Tukuran Falls in Puerto Galera is one of them. Tamaraw or carabao cart ride is available to make it easier for tourists to get around. A Two-way journey at 400 pesos (6 persons) is offered to those who want to try it. Read More
There are many variations of Pedicab in Asia. The Philippines has its own version and it is called Padyak. Padyak is slightly different in looks from the other country’s, as the driver sits beside the passenger car rather than behind it. It is another proof that Filipinos are ultra sociable. The driver always wants to talk to the passenger. One place you can find Padyak is in rural areas of Bicol. Read More

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