To trail the major landmark of Batanes, Mt. Iraya, hikers must start early in the morning to escape the scorching heat of the sun. This mountain is 3,310 ft above sea level. From its peak, a beautiful 360 degree view of the entire Batanes will welcome the hikers. Though it was considered as an active volcano, eager adventurers will never stop to hike this amazing mountain. Read More
Mt. Arayat is one of the Central Luzon's attraction and accessible for those who will be coming from Manila. With a height 1030 meters, hikers could complete the trail for about 5-10 hours. The well known mountain has two major peaks- the North Peak in Magalang and the South Peak in Arayat. From the South Peak, you can see the calm Pampanga River. Read More
Hikers would probably like this twin hike activity which they can experience in Brgy. Wawa Rodriguez Rizal. The whole trail sums up for about 8 hours to finish. Mts. Pamitinan and Binacayan has been an attraction for those who are outdoor enthusiasts. This is not just such a plain hiking for hikers could try the Pamitinan Cave and also the Bat Cave. Read More
South Luzon has Mt. Maria Makiling which is also perfect for hikers that seek adventures and a breathtaking scenery. This mountain is also recognized as one of the inactive volcanoes in the country. This stands at about 3580 ft high, laying calmly in the provinces of Batangas and Laguna. A complete trail to reach the summit might take 5-7 hours, if your trailhead is from UPLB and 6-9 hours if you start from Sto. Tomas. Read More
Mt. Asog or Mt. Iriga is named after an ancient datu who reigned the region a long time. This old volcano has different names and one of it is Mt. Sumagang which means “Mountain of the Rising Sun”. Mt. Asog is located in Sitio Ilian, Brgy. San Nicolas, Iriga, Camarines Sur.A hiker might take 5-7 hours with a moderate difficulty to complete the trail hike. If you want to have an amazing side trips, there are many place to visit like Lake Buhi and Sabang Falls. Read More
Puerto Princesa is not only known for their glamorous beaches and marine lives but also with their high mountains that stand a thousand feet over the sea level. Setting Brgy. Salvacion as the trailhead and an entire journey that lasts for almost 6-8 hours will direct you to the peak of Mt. Bahile. The summit will offer you scenic views of east and west coasts of Puerto Princesa. Read More
Itogon, Benguet has this amazing Mt. Ulap, where hikers could refresh and find serene places after a tiring life of the city. Since Mt. Ulap has been known lately, the count of hikers who want to go there and experience the cool breeze gradually increases. The trail will start at Brgy. Ampucao, Itogon. Along their journey, they will notice the abundant numbers of pine trees and the impressive views of Mt. Sto. Tomas. Read More
Mt. Hibok-Hibok is 1332 meters high and located in the scenic island of Camiguin. Most of the hikers spent 3-5 hours or the whole day to finish this trail. A breathtaking view of Bohol and even Surigao will be seen as you reach the summit. This is listed as one of the active volcano, yet there's no signs activity. From the summit you'll clearly see the mossy crater of the volcano. Along their journey, hikers might notice pitcher plants where usually grow on the blade-sharp rocks. Read More
Lake Maughan or also known as Lake Holon is also a great place to spend your peaceful wandering. Located at the Municipality of T’boli, Province of South Cotabato, the Lake Holon stands approximately 1824 meters above sea level. The journey to get to the peak is around 6-8 hours to finish. There's a hot spring along your journey where you could use to have some break. To complete the Lake Holon trail, hikers must ride a bot to reach the the Campsite. Read More
Mount Mariveles or also known as Mt. Tarak Ridge is a dormant volcano with a height of 1,388 meters above sea level. This mountain is located between Orion, Bagac and Mariveles. There are many ways to start to reach the peak,yet all of these trails are best to do before the sun rises to avoid the scorching heat. After a moderate difficulty of hiking to get to the summit, its prize is the overwhelming looks of West Philippine Sea and Manila Bay with the island of Corregidor and Cabbalo. Read More

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