This area is known as Manta Bowl precisely because it is teeming with majestic manta rays. Not only that, but whale sharks stop by Manta Bowl on their way to Sorsogon between November and June. Beware of strong currents though from October to April. Read More
Whether you’re in for a leisurely trip or a more challenging dive, Puerto Galera has the perfect dive spot for you, with over 40 areas to choose from. Get to see schools of sweetlips, jacks and snappers, black coral trees and pygmy seahorses during your dive in its vast waters. Read More
Apo Island is one of the most visited snorkeling sites by the tourists, it is located at Dumaguete, Negros Oriental. The 12-hectare-volcanic island is blessed with amazing sea creatures and coral reefs. Its geographical position is also one the reason for why there are many tourists visiting this island. With the pristine beauty of this Apo Island, you will surely fall in love. Read More
The beauty of this island will stand internationally. Tubbataha reefs has ranked many times in the best dive spots in the world. Since this island is isolated, and only few tourists can visit, marine creatures have time to reproduce and grow. Pristine coral reefs and other marine creatures add the magnificent beauty of the island. Do not miss this great dive spot when you go to Palawan. Read More
Breathtaking underwater scenery that will surely welcome you when you visit this known dive spot in Batangas, Anilao. Anilao has established its name internationally, as it became one of the Best Diving spots next to Lembeh Strait in Indonesia and Mabul Island in Malaysia. Anilao is just one of other 40 plus dive spots in the province of Batangas showcasing its untouched coral reefs and awesome sea creatures. Read More
This historical dive spot will surely bring you back to WWII time. This is considered to be one of the best preserved in the world. The wrecks which sunk decades ago were already encrusted with different kinds of corals where marine creatures dwell. Divers can also penetrate those wrecks if they want something extreme, but most should be accompanied by a knowledgeable one. Read More
This amazing lake is also located at Coron Palawan. The lake was once named after a giant Barracuda skeleton discovered in the depths of its crystal blue waters. This is known also as best dive spots in the country, not just in Coron. The divers were fond of the lake's marine life and also thermocline- layers of cold, warm and hot water-present in Barracuda. Read More
The Agutayan reef is also gifted with precious marine creatures. Local government regulates the number of visitors not only to protect but also to maintain the natural beauty of this marine sanctuary. The island serves as the home and breeding area of the endangered giant clams. Divers from different parts of the world travel here to Agutayan to see the hidden treasures of the Island. Read More
A 7-mile voyage off the shore of Panay Island you would discover the pristine and underrated Sanctuary of Nogas Island. The island is blessed with marine lives and different kinds of corals. Since it is protected, the natural beauty of the island is still untouched and not abused. There's so much you can enjoy in this Island. Read More
If you are an avid fan of sharks, this island is right for you. You can walk around the whole island in less than an hour. Malapascua Island is something different from the other dive spots, a unique variety of species are can be found on this island. Divers can enjoy swimming with thresher sharks, which the island has been known of. Read More
Marine life in Gato island is awesome. It is considered a marine reserve where sea snakes are plenty. There are many dive spots where divers could enjoy. Mandarin fish which has been acknowledged as the world's most beautiful fish could be seen in the area. These splendid creatures are often there so divers are eager to observe them and their mating process that happens usually at a full moon. Read More
There are many dive spots located at Leyte like Liloan, Malitbog, Padre Burgos, Panaon Islands, Tangkaan Point, and Limasawa. Limasawa was famous for its awesome diving sites, Adrian’s Cove and Zack’s Cove. There is a precious marine life underneath, divers may encounter frogfish, occasionally whale sharks and other varieties of fishes. Read More

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