Philippines is well known for boxing because of our very own Sen. Manny Pacquiao. He lives in General Santos City, where there are many aspiring boxers that want to follow Manny’s journey and enter the world of boxing. There are many camps across the nation where our athletes are being trained. ABAP or Association of Boxing Alliances in the Philippines regulates functionalities and rules of the said sport. Read More
This sport is considered as the Philippines’ national sport. The sport is regulated by Arnis Philippines Inc. The sacred tool used in this martial art is a stick called baton or cane. Arnis is a self-defense sport where two players could choose whether to anyo, which means to practice a set routine or laban, which is a free fight. Read More
Sepaktakraw (or Sepak Takraw) is a sport that involves players kicking a rattan ball. It is popular and a competitive sport in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia and also the Philippines. Sepaktakraw is an organized version of the sport "Sipa" which was known in the Philippines as one of the native martial arts. PASTA, Pilipinas Sepaktakraw Association Inc., is organizing the first Philippine Sepaktakraw National League, projected to have almost 28 squads joining. Read More
Panay Island has been known for their own version of wrestling which is called Dumog. The word “Dumog” is used in Visayas and Mindanao while in Luzon it is called “Buno”. This sport is mostly seen and practiced in Panay by young aspiring athletes and some of them get recruited by the Philippine Wrestling Team. Read More
In the Province of Rizal, locals of Baras practice this intense martial arts named Sikaran. It was originated from Baras since Spaniard time and has been practiced and passed on by the locals over the years. Yet, just like other Filipino martial arts, it is now endangered as it does not have as many practitioners as the more famous martial arts. Read More
According to Wikipedia, American football has been in the Philippines since 2001. In 2014, the first national tackle football team, called Philippine Aguilas, was formed. The Philippine American Football League, established in 2016, has now 7 competitive teams. This sport is held at the largest football stadium in the country located at Bocaue Bulacan. Read More
The Philippine National Rugby League (PNRL) was formed in 2012. Even though they were new to the sport, the PNRL still won two awards at the Cabramatta International 9s rugby league tournament. Like the American Football, it is also held at Philippine Sports Stadium in Bocaue. Read More
This sport is a popular pastime in the Philippines and it is widely known as “Sabong” or cockfighting. Both of the Gamecocks is placed in the cockpit and released so that they will compete with each other. There are legal and illegal Sabong games in the Philippines. There is a coliseum, the Cockfighting Coliseum in Cavite, for those who want to experience this kind of ‘entertainment’. Read More
Basketball is the most popular sport in the Philippines. The Philippine National Collegiate Athletic Association was formed in 1924 and the first champion was crowned in 1925, 14 years before the US NCAA tournament started. There are lots of venues where basketball tournaments are played and the largest one is MOA ARENA at Pasay City. Read More
The are many famous Filipinos who made their name in a sport called billiards. In the recent competitions, 5 Filipinos were recognized and awarded by the World Pool-Billiard Association in the Top 20 Cue Masters. One of the best-known billiard players is Mr. Efren Bata Reyes, who was a holder of more than 70 international titles in this sport. If you want to meet some rising stars in this exciting sport go to Star Billiards Center located in Manila. Read More
Philippine National Football Team (Azkals) is governed by the Philippine Football Federation. The PNFT competes and represents our country internationally. Their training grounds and competition venues are located at Bocaue Bulacan (Philippine Sports Stadium), Bacolod (Panaad Stadium) and in Manila (Rizal Memorial Stadium). Read More

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